People are what the Net comprises above all, not technology.

Network neighborhood is an open community united by interest in communications, networks, information systems, programming, and in general anything related to information and the ways it moves around and affects our lives.

Communication channels


Most of folks in the Telegram messenger.
Main chat: @netstalking_networks
Community channel: @netwhood_news

Feel free to register on our XMPP/Jabber server!
You need any xmpp-client for this or you can use webpage.
Main conference at

For legacy lovers there is an IRC-channel on #netwhood.

A relay bot is connected to all the chat rooms mentioned! That means you only need to be present in one room to talk to everyone.

More of that, we also have a federated social network Mastodon server at

Networks and peerings


Feel free to ask around and request peering in any network!
We maintain active public nodes on hyperboria (cjdns) and yggdrasil!
Ping @abslimit to discuss peering in anonet, dn42, hyperboria (cjdns), yggdrasil.
Ask @abslimit or @Knstantin for joining our Retroshare network nodes.

Other services




xonotic server: (avaliable from Xonotic server browser)

Tiny web-archive:



We started IceCast2-radio

Direct link: IPv4 or IPv6.

Currently radio is on @ChronosX and @nullmaster. If you want to stream some music contact them for login/pass.

Research and documents


Some of the home-grown articles (Russian):
Archaeology and museum-keeping in the age of advanced netstalking;
Shadowsocks. Advantages over SOCKS and best practices;
Cjdns in some theory and practice;
Protocol ii / IDEC;
Setting up a universal overlay networking node;
First look on AnoNet. ANOther NETwork;
First look on DN42. The routing game;
First look on SDF.ORG - The Super Dimension Fortress.

Our network neighbors


  • A Telegram group dedicated to distributed systems: @distributed and their forum;
  • Mesh networking and cryptoanarchy: rooms on Matrix - and on Telegram - @meshnet;
  • Yggdrasil-based censor-free provider - Medium;

  • “The Entry Point” to “Tochka Sbora” - the Runet’s major netstalking conference - @netstalking;
  • Web Scavengers 1.0 - Semi-automated parsing of static websites from the Web 1.0 era Runet.

  • The DEF CON Zelenograd community - DC7495;
  • - group of geeks sharing a soft spot for programming, operating systems, computer hardware and network security.